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Client Services 

The Greystone Client Service Team is comprised of associates assigned directly to your company.  Each member of the team is committed to resolve claim and administrative issues and to provide accurate, easily understandable solutions. Our Client Service Representatives act as your advocate and liaison when addressing benefit and claim issues with the Insurance Company or Healthcare Providers.

Plan Evaluation 

Greystone annually evaluates and markets your programs to ensure both price and benefit competitiveness. The marketplace can be extremely volatile. Reviewing vendors and enhancements is essential in providing the most competitive benefits package. 

Communication and Installation

Greystone provides an annual Face to Face employee communication meeting to ensure your employees have a clear understanding of the benefits they are offered and how to utilize the Greystone services offered. Periodic enrollment meetings for new hires or updating education sessions are also encouraged.

Contribution Strategy

We offer a variety of contribution strategies which benefit both the employer and employee. Greystone has the ability to develop contribution programs utilizing factors such as income, years of service, spousal coverage, and any other factors that may be unique to your business.

Funding Strategy

We have the ability to design and administer simplified Healthcare Reimbursement Accounts allowing limited self-funding. These designs do not reduce the quality of the benefits provided to employees. Our evaluation of the program over the past 5 years confirms that our clients retain in excess of 85% of premium savings after all claims are paid.  

DOL Compliance

To ensure that you are compliant with Department of Labor mandates associated with your benefits program, Greystone provides: 

  • Preparation of Mandated notifications requiring annual distribution to all eligible employees

  • Documents for Medicare Part D prescription drug compliance

  • Section 125 documentation, implementation and notifications

  • COBRA legislation solutions

  • Review of State Mandated Benefits

Executive Reporting

Greystone provides an annual report including the historical performance of the benefits program and a review of the renewal process. This report allows management personnel to evaluate the status of the plan and its operation while remaining involved in the overall benefits process. 

Medicare Consulting

Greystone has a relationship with a Medicare Specialist who will conduct individual, face-to-face consultations with any Medicare-eligible employee who needs advice.  


Greystone utilizes certified COBRA Administrators to outsource mandated COBRA services. The COBRA law has become exceedingly complicated, leaving most companies non-compliant and exposed to severe financial penalties. This relationship allows us to provide this service to our clients (at a substantially discounted rate). With the addition of small group (2-19 employees) COBRA in PA, we have contracted with a compliance company that has the ability to administer “Mini-COBRA”.  

Section 125

It is imperative that any employer establishing pre-tax payroll deductions for medical, dental, and vision benefits secure and maintain an up to date IRS Section 125 plan document.  Greystone provides this document and required notification forms to you at no expense.

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