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Group Dental Insurance Plans

Group Dental Insurance is widely viewed as the second most important behind health insurance in the eyes of employees. The coverage ranges from preventative to major services such as crowns, bridges, and dentures.

As a business dental insurance broker, Greystone offers small business dental insurance to companies with two or more employees. These plans can be customized in terms of the cost share an employee will pay for procedures as well as the contribution split between employee and employer.

Dental Plan Customizations

Group Dental Insurance plans can be customized to the needs of the company and its employees.  One of the first decisions a group will have to make is how the plan will be funded. Employers can contribute anywhere from 0 to 100% of the dental premium for employees. Employers can also decide to contribute a percent of premium to dependents as they see fit.

There are a number of carriers in the market that offer similar plans. When deciding on a carrier, we look at price, coverage level, and contract. Most business dental plans we write are PPO plans that offer a nationwide network. The network does vary from carrier to carrier so an evaluation of network coverage compared to your current employees dentists is an important consideration when determining carrier.

Dental coverage is broken down into three primary procedure types, Preventitive, Basic, and Major services. Orthodontics is another area that can be added to the coverage.

We customize dental policies to optimize the benefits and price that best suits each group. This is done by customizing the employee coinsurance percent for each procedure types as well as changing deductible and calendar year maximums.

Preventative Procedures: 

  • Routine Exams (Once per 6 months)      

  • Routing Cleanings (Once per 6 months)

  • Bitewing X-rays (Once per calendar year)      

  • Full mouth X-rays (Once every 60 months)

  • Fluoride (Once per calendar year*)      

  • Full mouth X-rays (Once every 60 months*)

Basic Procedures: 

  • Emergency Exams      

  • Periodontal Maintenance

  • Fillings (Replacement every 24 months)

  • Oral Surgery (Simple) 


  • Simple Endodontics (Root Canal Anterior Teeth)

  • Complex Endodontics (Root Canal Molar Teeth)


  • Periodontics (Surgical and Non-Surgical)

  • Harmful Habit Appliance*

Major Procedures: 

  • Oral Surgery (Complex)     

  • General Anesthesia

  • Crowns (Each 120 Months per tooth) 

  • Core Buildup (Each 120 Months per tooth)


  • Bridges (120 Months Old)

  • Dentures (60 Months Old)

Deductible: A calendar year deductible applies on Basic and Major services only. This is normally $50 for an employee and $50 to $100 for all other dependents. This resets every calendar year.

Annual Maximum Benefit: The amount an insurance company will payout per year on your behalf for preventitive, basic, and major services. Most Annual Max Benefits are between $1,000 and $2,000

* Children under 14 only

Disclosure: Procedures shown above can vary in terms of coverage as well as which procedure type they fall under based on carrier and plan design

Group Dental Insurance Providers

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Ours services don’t end after your enrollment. Our promise as a group dental insurance broker is to be there ever step of the way for you and your employees

New Hire Enrollments: Greystone provides one on one consultation for new hire to explain their benefit options and ensure they are making an        informed decision when electing benefits

Claims and Billing: Greystone will work directly with the insurance companies to resolve employee claims issues and employer carrier billing issues 

Annual Enrollment: We offer an in person or online meetings for all employees to review the current benefits program, advise on plan changes and answer health specific questions. We also offer one on one consultations for employees to discuss personal benefit situations

See how Greystone Benefits can assist with your companies Dental Insurance Needs

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