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Group Vision Insurance Plans

Business vision insurance is one of the few benefits that you don't need to be sick or injured to use. If your business elects to use vision benefits, savings are almost guaranteed based on the low cost and design of these plans.

Group Vision plans are available for businesses with two or more employees. These plans can be offered as an employer or employee paid paid benefit. In some cases, the employer will provide vision benefits as a supplemental benefit to any employee who elect Health Insurance coverage. It can also be offered on a voluntary basis which allows the employer to offer a benefit at no cost to the company while allowing only those employees who will utilize the benefit to elect the coverage

Vision Plan Customizations

Group Vision plans are fairly simple but have a few variables such as copays, frequency limits, and benefit allowances that can all be customized. 

There are a number of carriers in the market and they all offer similar plans. When deciding on a carrier, we look mainly at price but also at coverage level, and contract. 

Dental coverage is broken down into three primary procedure types, Preventitive, Basic, and Major services. Orthodontics is another area that can be added to the coverage.

We customize dental policies to optimize the benefits and price that best suits each group. This is done by customizing the employee coinsurance percent for each procedure types as well as changing deductible and calendar year maximums.

                                                    Frequency:                                                            Cost:                                                              Allowance:

       Exams:                                  Every 12 months                                                  $10 to $25 Copay

       Contact Fitting:                   Either every 12 or 24 months                              Up to $60 Copay                                           

       Lenses:                                 Either every 12 or 24 months                              $25 Copay                                                    1 Pair

       Frames:                                Either every 12 or 24 months                               $25 Copay                                                   $125 to $175*

       Elective Contacts:               Either every 12 or 24 months                               $25 Copay                                                   $125 to $175

       Necessary Contacts:           Either every 12 or 24 months                               $25 Copay then covered in full                       

*20% off amount above allowance

Group Vision Insurance Providers

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Ours services don’t end after your enrollment. Our promise as a group vision insurance broker is to be there ever step of the way for you and your employees

New Hire Enrollments: Greystone provides one on one consultation for new hire to explain their benefit options and ensure they are making an        informed decision when electing benefits

Claims and Billing: Greystone will work directly with the insurance companies to resolve employee claims issues and employer carrier billing issues 

Annual Enrollment: We offer an in person or online meetings for all employees to review the current benefits program, advise on plan changes and answer health specific questions. We also offer one on one consultations for employees to discuss personal benefit situations

See how Greystone Benefits can assist with your companies Vision Insurance Needs

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