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Disability Insurance

Health insurance is arguably the most important benefits a company can offer their employees. It provides preventative services to keep your employees healthy as well as protection against increasing medical costs for an individual and their family. Greystone will assess your business's budget, general health of employees and health care needs to offer the best fitting carriers and plans, ensuring your employees have the coverage they need.

Proper disability planning is the most overlooked service in employee benefits.  We provide multi-level, properly-designed disability coverage in order to meet financial needs for your company and the disabled employee.  This inexpensive benefit provides the most significant financial impact of any non-medical insurance. Greystone evaluates Contract Provisions/Language, company's ability to provide tax free benefits, the value of supplemental disability coverage, and effects of ownership on disability benefits (LLC, PC, S-Corp)

Dental insurance is the second most requested employee benefits program in all size businesses. While the financial impact of dental expenses does not rival that of medical, the security of a high-quality program substantially enhances the benefits portfolio. More and more dental insurance is network driven. The competition in the dental market in all size programs is significant and provides great opportunities both on an employer paid and voluntary basis to include this much desired benefit.  Additionally, the advances in preventive services and diagnosis that extend to the healthcare area are significant.

Life Insurance

Traditional group term life insurance is a key building block of most benefits programs.  Allowing employees access to additional coverage through voluntary programs is becoming the norm as government regulations limit cost effective designs of company paid life insurance to $50,000. Employees and their dependents can secure coverage with guaranteed issue amounts rivaling company paid benefits.

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs can help a company promote and reward mental and physical health, all while building a collaborative work environment. Greystone can help companies implement an incentive-based wellness program that will continue to motivate your employees and fits your company's culture.

The Vision marketplace is dominated by a few large network-based programs. A vast majority of optometrist participate in most if not all of these networks providing the opportunity to secure cost competitive, high benefit level programs from multiple sources.  Coverage frequency drives the cost of the programs and communications in order to drive utilization is key to the success of these programs.

Spending Accounts

Greystone offers a number of spending account services including FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs. As supplements to medical insurance, these accounts allow your employees to save pretax dollars that can later be used for qualified expenses. Click the link below to learn more about these accounts and how Greystone can tailor them to your company's needs.

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Executive Benefits

Many group plans limit the amount of coverage available to your most highly compensated employees creating a “reverse discrimination“ situation. This exists frequently in disability and life insurance programs. Addressing the replacement and coverage level on an equal basis across all employees leads us to utilizing certain executive level benefits.

Payment Processing

As an extension of Greystone Benefits, Greystone Payments LLC. offers a full suite of Payment solutions. Whether you're looking to reduce your current processing fees or receive your funds faster, Greystone Payments can help your business get there.

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